GOSPEL MEETING March 3-5, 2019

Willie Franklin will be joining us for a Gospel Meeting March 3-5. The topic of the meeting will be “THE LAST DAYS”.

Meeting times:

Sunday Morning Bible Study 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 AM

Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 PM

Monday and Tuesday Evenings 7:00 PM

A meal will be provided after the Sunday Mornimg Worship Service and refreshments will be provided after each Evening Service.

Come and join us for a study of Gods Word and great fellowship.


Come and Worship With Us!

You are invited to come and Worship with us. This group of Christians meet every Sunday morning for Bible Study at 10:00 am with Worship Service beginning at 10:45 am. The evening service begins at 6:00 pm.

We also meet every Wednesday evening for bible study and devotional at 7:00 pm.

The second Sunday of the month is our pot luck meal day immediately following the morning service. We also meet on the third Wednesday evening of the month for singing and meal time. We use these times to enjoy each others fellowship and to get to know each other better.


Please come and Worship with us!

Tom Tom 10-03-13

This past Lord’s Day we centered our thoughts around the “Death of Christ” and the Lord’s Supper. We did this to make us more aware of a very special memorial feast which Christians partake of every first day of the week. In accordance with Matthew 26:26-30 and other passages we know that the emblems of the supper are unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine. We know from Luke’s account of the supper, that Jesus told His disciples to do this in remembrance of Jesus. (Lk.22:19) We know the bread was unleavened because that was the bread used in the Passover, and the Lord’s Supper was instituted at the Passover feast. The fruit of the vine was most likely grape juice which was common in those days. These emblems are not the literal body and blood of Jesus, but they do represent His body and His blood.

In the Bible this memorial supper was called “Lord’s Supper” (I Cor.11:20), and was called “Breaking Bread” (Acts 2:42), and it was called “The Table of the Lord” (I Cor.10:21). In verse 16 of that same 10th chapter of Corinthians, it is referred to as the communion of the body and the blood of the Lord. Jesus told his disciples that he wouldn’t partake of it again until He did so in the kingdom or the church.

Every first day of every week, Sunday, Christians keep the memorial feast in memory of the death of Jesus (Acts 20:7). We know that the first century church assembled together every Sunday from this passage in Acts 20, and also because of I Corinthians 16:1,2.

When we partake each Sunday, we partake in a worthy manner (I Cor.11:27). We are told in the context of this passage to examine ourselves before we partake. The simplicity of the Lord’s Supper means that we remember, that we examine ourselves, and that we discern the Lord’s body both on the cross and the body of Christ or church of which we are a part. When we partake correctly it strengthens us…and when we don’t we become sick spiritually (I Cor.11:27-30). God Bless as you partake.