Stinson Archer Baptism 03-13-19


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Baptism Video

What a wonderful day for the Archer family. Stinson called me Tuesday evening late and asked me if he could get Zach to bring him out to Hammon if I would baptize him. We were so excited for them. Last night Zach and his family came out to the building along with a couple of Stinsons friends  from school and I got the great privilege of baptizing him into Christ. What a joy it has been for me to baptize 3 of my 6 grandkids to date.

“My prayer is that we will all join together to support Stinson as he begins his walk with God. Let us be a shining example to him of how God wants his people to act and be the person God wants us to be.  Just as we joined hands in a circle and prayed after Stinson was immersed, let us circle around him with love and support him in his walk. Amen.”

Eulon Hollingsworth Decides to Become a Child of God

Eulon Hollingsworth decided on Monday to become a child of God. Our baptistery is under construction so the church at 2nd and Adams in Elk was gracious enough to let us use theirs. Eulon is a great guy and has decided late in life to give his life to Jesus. Let us all support him and be there for him as he continues his walk with God.

Great Job!!!!
Eulon Hollingsworth

Ean Price gets Baptized

We are starting off the month of September in a great way with the choice of Ean Price to become a child of God.
With everything going on in the world today, we need all the warriors for God we can get. Congrats to you Ean.
Ean Price

Benkley Baptism

God continues to touch lives in our small community. It was my honor to get to baptize my granddaughter, Lexee Benkley. She is going into the 3rd grade and we have been studying for a while now about the need to do what God has instructed us to do to become a child of His. I think of the passage in Deuteronomy 4:9 where the scripture ends with “teach your children and your children’s children.” Both of my children became a Christian at an pretty early age and we are now starting on the second generation. Just as God has instructed. What a Great Day for the Church here at Hammon.

Below you will find a video of the event.

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Allen Baptism

Sunday was another great day in the Church here at Hammon. Kade Allen made the decision to be immersed into Christ. He was baptized by his father. It was a joyous occasion and very touching.

It is so great to see that God is still touching peoples lives.
Below you will find a video of the event.

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Sunday was a Great Day!

Sunday was a great day for the Church as a whole. Ethan Gower made the greatest choice one could ever make in their life. He made the choice to become a child of God and be immersed into Christ. I had the honor and privilege to be the one chosen to do the baptism. Although the water was frigid, we both went into the water just as it was done by Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch many years before. I know that Bobbie and Dustin are so proud of Ethan.

It is so great to see that God is still touching peoples lives.
Below you will find a video of the event.