TomTom 05-12-13

Mother’s Day!  Today, in America…most will celebrate Mother’s Day. We are so very thankful for those special ladies who fill this place in our lives. For some of us, we reflect upon our mothers gone to be with the Lord. For others, we reflect upon those very special ladies who keep our clothes clean, put fine meals on our tables, make sure that we read and study our Bibles, make sure that we are in Bible Class and Worship every time the church doors are open, make sure that we are well behaved all the time, and make sure that we appreciate our school and apply ourselves in getting an education.  For the men of the congregation…we very well know the value of a Godly wife and mother from so many different view points. Truly she is a “Priceless Woman.”

Today is the time for our monthly church dinner, and on these Sundays we don’t have an evening service. But today, since it is Mother’s Day, we will not be having our monthly dinner.  Since it is a special holiday, “Mother’s Day”  we will not have the evening service today. Plus, we will not have our men’s business meeting.  After our regular contribution today, we will be taking up our “Building Fund” special contribution.  Any time that you miss the opportunity to give toward our building, you can give that money to Les Roper the next time that you see him. I hope to see that fund sore over the $50,000 mark today????

Our church dinner honoring our graduating seniors, Baili and Davey…will be this Wednesday evening…May 15th. Visit with Karen, Diana, or BB if you would like to know what you could do to prepare for this event.

Next Sunday, May 19th, will be Hammon School Baccalaureate and Commencement.  Baccalaureate will be in the School Auditorium at 11 A.M. and Commencement at 7 p.m.  Because of the full day of activity…in which several of us are involved, WE WILL MEET FOR MORNING WORSHIP AT 10 A.M. (Bible Classes Dismissed). Our services will go about 45 minutes.  I will be leading the song service for BACCALAUREATE…and it will be acappela.  I will lead two songs that we sing often and I will need your help. Junior High Graduation is at 2:30 P.M. {OUR SUNDAY EVENING SERVICES WILL BE DISMISSED.}

Baili Collins and Davey Craig’s Baccalaureate service will be today at Leedey Auditorium at 7 p.m. and Commencement on Friday at 8  P.M.   Congratulations!!!!