Tom Tom 06/02/13

A preacher in a hospital room standing beside the bed of a very sick lady prayed: “Lord, help us in adjusting our lives to the situation before us until we get back to our best.”  It’s a well known fact that most tragedies come because people are not able or willing, to adjust themselves to circumstances. One man has gained a fortune, but gave little thought to what to do with the fortune. So he makes some unwise investments and soon the fortune is gone. In despair he takes his own life. Then there is the lady who has always been blessed with excellent health. One day disease knocks at her door.  To her it is a bitter blow so she becomes sour and critical. She thinks… “Why has God allowed this to happen to me?” In her manner of life she gives up, turns her face to the wall, and makes preparation to die.

Life is not perfect for everybody all the time. In each life there are rough spots. We have to learn to adjust ourselves to every situation.  I think that Paul learned to adjust. He said on one occasion that he had learned to be content in all conditions. He knew how to be hungry and how to be full. He knew how to take troubles and he knew how to use happiness. He knew how to deal with different kinds of people. He summed it all up once when he said, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil.4:13). Now that’s the secret to successful happy living. Live with and for Christ.

There is no rule from man that can help us in adjusting ourselves to circumstances.  Many volumes are written about matters of this kind, but upon close reading we find that the author is about as confused as his readers. It proves that this kind of help does not come from man. It comes from God. If we have the kind of faith that we should have, if we believe that there are no circumstances over which God cannot have control.  God can even help control tragedies in that He can make them work out for our good. He can make light out of darkness and make the rose blossom in the desert. All things are possible with God.