Tom Tom 8/25/13

Today, we finish up a study of the “Life of Christ” in the auditorium. Actually we could continue another 13 weeks very easily, because a study of the Life of Christ is on going in the life of a Christian. We want to know all about His life from very angle. His life gives us hope, inspires us, lifts us up. Sometimes in a study of the Life of Christ, we go through a certain amount of depression because of the nature of the study…looking at His birth is joyful, and looking at His trial and death is sad…but looking at His resurrection excites us and gives us hope. Every church should study the Life of Christ every few years. I don’t ever want to forget what happened to purchase my freedom in Christ. So very thankful for the “Lord’s Supper” that draws us back in memory every Lord’s Day (Acts 20:7).
Because we have studied the Life of Christ, we are reminded of God’s Extreme Love for us (John 3:16), reminded of a Life of Service during the earthly ministry of Jesus, reminded that He is Lord of our life (Matt.7:21), reminded that we are blessed in countless ways (Matt.5), reminded that we are not to worry (Matt.6), not to judge (Matt.7), reminded that He gives us rest and that his yoke is easy (Matt.11), reminded not to act like Scribes and Pharisees of old, reminded of how so very important the church is (Matt.13 & 16), reminded that the Lord will return at an hour we know not, reminded that we should use our talents wisely, reminded that our service to and for the Lord is something that comes natural because of who we are (Matt.25), reminded of the Lord’s desire that we remember his death every first day of the week (Matt.26), reminded that He died for you and me and wants me to go everywhere preaching the good news (Matt.28), and that He has promised to be with us to the end!


Tom Tom 08/04/13

Several years ago, ABC television produced a documentary entitled: “Peter Jennings Reports…THE SEARCH FOR JESUS.”  What ABC claimed was that it was an unbiased account of the anchorman’s “search” for Jesus via academic scholars and trips to Palestine. However, what resulted was a showcase for the most liberal views imaginable.

One thing the show produced was an attempt to divorce Jesus from being the divine Son of God. Reference was made to Albert Schweitzer in his work entitled “The Quest of the Historical Jesus.”  In it he was critical of previous attempts to discover the “real” Jesus. He was delusional and about the only thing he verified was that Jesus was a “Great Man.” Jennings also looked at the work of Rudolf Bultmann who saw Jesus as a “husk” of “mythology” recorded in the New Testament. He felt that with no more information than what we had, we knew very little about Jesus????

Thus the “Jesus Seminar” was begun. In the reference to so-called scholars in this seminar, they attempted to determine what Jesus really said” as opposed to what they thought was added later by Jesus followers. The method they employed was terrible. The scholars actually voted on each Biblical passage as to what they thought was taught. They even color coded it. By casting color-coded beads into a box.  Red meant “Jesus undoubtedly said this.”  Pink meant, “Jesus probably said something like this.” Gray meant “Jesus did not say this, but an idea close to what he really believed.” Black meant, “Jesus did not say this…and was probably linked with tradition.”

Since the time of this “Jesus Seminar”, many books have been written to either prove Jesus or disapprove Jesus. In the final analysis…scholars do not determine truth. Only God’s Word does that. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32). Paul told Timothy that all scripture is breathed from God (2 Tim.3:16,17). Peter said that holy men of God spoke (II Peter 1:20,21).

People must search for Jesus…but search the Bible…not scholars of a wicked world of unbelievers.