I Can Do All Things!

Christianity has been called by some the “great confession,” but most of the time when we feel defeated in life we are defeated because we believe and confess the wrong things. It is so easy to fall for satans schemes and get in the mindset of being defeated and forget that “I can do ALL thing through Christ who strengthens me.” Fear-filled words destroy, while Faith-filled words build up. Dwell on the power of God and become more like Him. Godliness is profitable in this life and in the next!

Fifth Quarter 11-01-13

We were the first host for the 5th quarter following the basketball game Friday evening. There were almost 30 that attended. Pizza was served and games were played. The last event was door prize drawings.
The games were Minute to Win it style. Denton Wood did a short devotional. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves.





We look forward to the next one. Everyone is hoping we can double the number we had this time.