I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry… ‘I know you are. Now apologize.’” It is easier to say “I’m sorry” than it is to apologize and actually change the action that caused harm in the first place. Apologies can be hard to accept if we know nothing will change. Families are in desperate need of children who will not only say “I’m sorry,” but who will set their mind to obeying their parents. Children are in dire need to see a model from their parents who are (humbly) admitting their imperfections and showing them how to apologize by changing to become more like Christ. Spouses are longing to see a difference in the way their husband/wife acts instead of hearing the same old “I’m sorry.” It is a difficult part of any apology but it may be the most important, to keep a marriage/family healthy, change (as part of an apology) is inevitable.

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