Stinson Archer Baptism 03-13-19


Confession Video

Baptism Video

What a wonderful day for the Archer family. Stinson called me Tuesday evening late and asked me if he could get Zach to bring him out to Hammon if I would baptize him. We were so excited for them. Last night Zach and his family came out to the building along with a couple of Stinsons friends  from school and I got the great privilege of baptizing him into Christ. What a joy it has been for me to baptize 3 of my 6 grandkids to date.

“My prayer is that we will all join together to support Stinson as he begins his walk with God. Let us be a shining example to him of how God wants his people to act and be the person God wants us to be.  Just as we joined hands in a circle and prayed after Stinson was immersed, let us circle around him with love and support him in his walk. Amen.”