Church History

Earliest recollections of the Hammon Church date back to around 1912. A few faithful brethren and sisters met in the J.R. Marrow home. Those attending this early day services were Mr. & Mrs Lem Paulk, K.C. Paulk, Harve Dykes, the J.R. Marrow family, Sister Woods, Sister Pernell, Sister Mattie Young, and J.D. Hall. J.D. Hall later gathered a group of families that had been gathering together in the various places in the surrounding areas, such as Lone Elm, Pie Flat, and Colter, and got them to merge with their small group. A building was purchased and placed on a hill where the present church now sets. The new families added included the Baileys, Stinsons, Snooks, Trents, and Stouts. Also W.A. Lewter, Hohn Hall and J.L. Caffee joined as well. The church continued to grow until it began necessary to enlarge the building. In 1927, under the supervision of the Elders, a new church was built. The new church served a membership of between two and tree hundred members.

     There was no full time preacher at Hammon for several years. Several men conducted the services each Lord’s Day. J.D. Hall, John Caffee, William Stinson, some of the Morrow men, and the Paulk men were responsible for leading the songs and holding the services. Sometimes, brother “Jack” Tippens helped out as well.

     Many early day ministers came to Hammon to hold meetings in those early days —— W.W. Brewer, Jom Childress, and Claude McClung to name a few. Brother Brewer later served as a full time minister in the twenties. He was also a Chiropractic Doctor. J.D. Pinkerton served in the thirties as well as Carroll Trent and Roy Ruckman. Later on many preachers came and went in the local church. Some of ther were Joe Crumbly, W.H. Secoy, Tommy Hodge, H.C. Helf, Claudius Gurley, Ernest Sanderson, Paul Evans, Alfred Meeks, Bert Robertson, Ronnie Clayton, Howard Chambers, Jim Killian, Charles Wilson, Dwight Holland and Gary Vignal.

     W.A Lewter, an officer at the First National Bank, became one of the first elders. Charlie Trent and his son Bill served many years as well. There were so many strong women in the background. Many of these women taught Sunday School and provided meals for visiting preachers and funerals.

     Services have been held in several buildings throughout the years. Since 1969, services have been held in the current location in a beautiful red brick building. A nice home for the preacher is located across the street. The beautiful mural over the baptistery was painted by one of its members, the late Wilma Jean Allen. The church has been the setting for weddings and funerals for several generations of its members.